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Lilian Ngang'a Share A Word Of Wisdom And Knowledge To Kenyans

Recently Lilian Ngang'a has minimized posting her photos on her social media platforms, instead she have been sharing words of wisdom and knowledge on her social media platforms stories. Just a few minutes ago, Lilian Ngang'a shared good words of wisdom on her Instagram stories, in the post she wrote, ''...and with each new morning we are renewed!''. These words by Lilian have two meaning, the shallow meaning and the deep meaning. In the deep understanding of these words, it means, do not dwell in the past, do not let your future be defined by your past, the past is everything you were not what you are now and what you will be tomorrow, so every day you are someone different, and you have the power to make the your life the way you want. In your own understanding what do you understand by these words of wisdom by the former first lady of Machakos county, Lilian Ngang'a? Share below to help expand the knowledge among the readers.Lilian Nganga Mutua Biography, Net Worth, Divorce, Career Journey

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