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Meet UDA Aspirants Who Have Changed Their Names, How To Change A Name In Kenya

Machakos gubernatorial aspirant Johnson muthama.

A number of politicians have changed their names ahead of the upcoming general election so as to appeal to the electorate.

One Such a politician who has changed his name is Machakos gubernatorial aspirant Johnson muthama.

According to the gazete notice dated Friday may 20, the former senator for Machakos has renounced the name Johnson Ndunya muthama adopting Johnson Ndunya muthama Kiamba.

The new name will be used for all official functions and government purposes as stipulated in the gazete notice.

"For all purposes and authorizes and requests all persons at all times to designate, describe and address him by his assumed name Johnson Nduya Muthama Kiamba only," read the notice.

Apart from the UDA Chairman, here are other members of Ruto's party that have changed their names.

Kisii deputy governor Joash Arthur maangi Gongera has abandoned his name and adopted the new name Joash Emori maangi.

UDA Murang'a senatorial aspirant Joseph Nyutu Ngugi has also renounced his name adopting the name Joe Nyutu for all purposes.

Last month, Keroche chief executive officer Tabitha mukami mungai changed her name to Tabitha karanga Keroche.

Process of name changing.

One will be required to pay a legal statutory fee of KSH 6000 and have a lawyer to draft a deed poll and pay stump duty before lodging it on the Central land registry.

The registry will then prepare the notice for publication by Kenya gazeti to inform the public about the Changes.

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