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"Let Them Play" Experts Warn Parents Against Private Tuitions, Makes Claims on What It Does To Children

Currently highschool and primary students are on a short half-term break. With the education calendar changed, the education sector is really trying hard to bring everything back to normal, this means that they have to create a tight schedule to have the normal system back as soon as possible. However despite the hectic time children are being given back at school, some parents are adding them more of it when they come home.

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Some are hiring private teachers and taking their children for private tuitions instead of giving their children time to play make friends and refreshen their mind's. Experts have warned that forcing classes to children might alter with their detrimental development.

"It really shocks me to see young children in Grade Four, Five or Six having private classes during this short holiday. After all the pressure of compressed school terms, some children have gone home to take more and more lessons!" A statement read from 'The Nation' newspaper.

Lack of free time to children might see them miss an opportunity of growing up in other aspects of life. According to research games have a positive impact to children when it comes to social life and education.

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