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Furious Mudavadi kicks Out Ally Over Ruto Funding Remarks

As additional information from the OKA Coalition surface, deputy president William Samoei Ruto has a big gain ahead of the 2022 general election. Ayub Savula was booted out of the OKA coalition because he was labeled as a coalition official. In the ANC, Ayub Savula has been referring to himself as Musalia Mudabadi's deputy. This comes days after reports surfaced that the deputy president was funding Ayub Savula.

After Ayub Savula joined the hustling nation movement, it will be a huge success for deputy president William Samoei Ruto. Ayub Savula has been a wonderful ally to ANC Party Leader Musalia Mudabadi. The fact that Ayub Savula was financed by the vice president demonstrated that Ayub Savula attempted to join the hustling nation movement from the bottom up.

It will lose the OKA coalition by losing a leader and joining the other part, which is your opponent. Losing a leader and joining the other part, which is your opponent, is always a big loss for the coalition. Musalia Mudabadi and other OKA leaders must unite their efforts. Many leaders would join the hustler nation movement before the general election.

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