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Photos of Young Government Officer Who Died on The Nairobi Expressway Accident at Mlolongo Exit

Accidents on the Kenyan highways have been on the rise in the recent past with the government urging motorists to always be careful to avoid some of the accidents seen on a daily basis.

Picture courtesy. James Ndungu who died on the Nairobi Expressway crash.

The Nairobi Expressway was recently opened to the public and it has already claimed lives with the government urging extreme caution while using the magnificent infrastructure.

The National Transport and Safety Authority, NTSA, has recently released data on road accidents showing that about 1900 people have lost their lives since January this year on the roads.

A few days ago, there was a nasty accident that happened on the busy Nairobi Expressway in the middle of the night involving several cars.

The accident happened on the Mlolongo Exit where one person died and several others were rushed to the hospital with serious injuries.

The man who died in the accident has been positively identified as James Njenga who was also known to friends as Jimmy as per reliable reports that we have from Wahome Thuku.

James Njenga is said to have been a University of Nairobi alumnus who graduated from the prestigious institution in 2018 with a degree in Real Estate Management.

He is said to have landed a lucrative job with the government and is said to have been a land valuer based in Marsabit County.

James was laid to rest yesterday at his home in Thigio, Ndeiya, Limuru Constituency in the county of Kiambu.

We extend our condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of James Ndungu who lost his life on the Nairobi Expressway crash.

Picture courtesy. James Ndungu who died in the Nairobi Expressway accident.

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