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Comedian Nasra Almost Fights Milly Chebby as They Prank Their Husbands Terence Creative, Rashid

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Celebrity couples Milly Chebby and Terence Creative hosted their friends, comedians Nasra Yusuff and her husband Rashid Abdallah on their YouTube Channel whether they engaged one another in a video dubbed "How well do you know your partner". However, during the video Terence Creative and Rashid rushed to separate their wives who were engaged in a quarrel that almost ended up in a brawl.[Photo courtesy]

However, little did they know that Nasra and Milly had organised to prank their husband who had no clue of what was happening. Milly Chebby was the brains behind the prank and she informed her camera person well in advance, a night before the actual shoot day. Immediately after the shoot on a previous video, Nasra looked disturbed and upon enquiry by Terence, she accused Milly of being fake and bad-mouthing her to her friends behind her back. Milly in her defence kept quiet but Nasra threw her phone and demanded answers from Milly who was having none of it.[Photo courtesy]

Terence and Rashid tried cooling down the heated debate but the ladies took it to another level when Yusuf threw punches at Milly Chebby who also tried to drag her down but luckily Terence held Milly while Rashid got hold of Nasra. Within no time, the two ladies burst out laughing and shouting its a prank, Terence and Rashid were in utter disbelief as they thought it was serious.[Photo courtesy]

Kindly watch the video on this YouTube link.

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