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How men can earn respect from their spouses

Sometimes as a man you deserve some respect from your spouse.Respect can make someone to have self esteem, courage and love. Today I have discussed some ways on how to earn respect from your spouse. 

Dress well. 

The first impression, anybody looking at you should always see a smart person,well dressed up.For you to look smart, you have to put on some nice outfits.Know your type of clothes according to your body shape. Some men will always look attractive in fitting clothes. Ensure if you are among them, buy trausers that fit your body, put on shirts that go hand in hand with your trauser. Ladies always respect men who are smart, gentle and kind. You can alwasy modify your body through simple workouts such as sit-ups and press ups. 

Be hardworking.

Your spouse will always respect you if she sees some efforts in your endeavors. Working hard means earning some extra money from your normal earnings. Such money can be used for other purposes such as trips, outings and entertainment. If you are working, then you can invest some money in multiple businesses.your lady will alway have a reason to respect you. She will know the kind of a man you are. She will even learn from you. That's how you earn respect. 

Talk less. 

Men have less words as compared to women. If you are a man and you talk more than your lady, then you can not be respected. Men should always talk less, with alot of serious ideas in their few words. Action speaks more than words,let your actions speak for you. Your lady should talk much about your success and that is the only way she will respect you. 

Be learned 

You should always be ahead of your spouse in terms of academics. Let her consult you in matters concerning education. You can even teach her how to write a research paper. Such a lady will always look up to you. There will be no querrels in such a relationship. 

Be respectful 

Always respect your spouse, avoid being harsh, solve conflicts in a gentle way. Let her understand what is wrong and what is right through communication. As a man, always control your tempers.Do not abuse a lady physically. 

Be spiritual. 

Men should lead by examples to their ladies. Sometimes surprise her with a word of God. Preach the gospel for her.No human being can fail to respect such a man. Always have Bible verses that can motivate your partner. She will respect you. 

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