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How To Cook Delicious Goat Meat Stew for your Family

The festive season is here, in our kitchens we will be busy preparing some yummy tasty foods. I want you to prepare some goat meat for your family and they will enjoy. Let's learn step by step.

The ingredients;

1)Goat meat

2) Garlic and ginger

3) tomatoes and onions



The procedure to follow;

1)Chop your meat into biteable size and wash... boil in water until soft and tender

2)Drain excess water as you will use it as a stew later on

3)Add small amount of cooking oil into your pot with the meat and toss around until it turns somewhat golden brown

4)Add in onions and toss some before adding your crushed garlic and ginger paste

5)Add in tomatoes and salt, and spices if you want

6)Let it cook until the tomatoes are crushed... If it begins to stick into the pot you can add some water

7Add in the stew you set aside and let it boil until you achieve your desired thickness

8) Serve with an accompaniment of your choice eg ugali, rice, chapati

Share this wonderful recipe to your friends and I hope you will all enjoy.

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