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Ruto Announces Major Changes To This Year’s Jamhuri Day Event

The President of Kenya, William Ruto, has revealed some major changes that will be made to the Jamhuri Day celebrations that will take place this year. In Nairobi, at the formal launch of Kenya Innovation Week in 2022, the president of state made the announcement that the Jamhuri day celebration for this year will be renamed "Innovation Jamhuri day."

He said that in contrast to previous years, the Jamhuri celebrations of this year will be presided over by leaders in the field of technology rather than politicians or leaders from around the world.

Ruto made the observation that this action is a component of the larger efforts that are being made to transform the digital economy of the country.

In his statement, Deputy Prime Minister William Ruto said, "I intentionally decided that this year's Jamhuri Day is going to be highlighted correctly and themed as the innovative Jamhuri Day."

"I have decided to invite our technological leaders worldwide from Facebook and from Google," he continued, "instead of inviting the regular folks who we invite."

Every year on the 12th of December, the nation observes Jamhuri Day as a national holiday because it is a constitutional holiday. It is designed to officially honor the date that Kenya became a republic on December 12, 1964, one year and six months after attaining internal self-rule on June 1, 1963. The date in question is December 12. 

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