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TSC Announces That They Will Hire older Teachers First

Teachers service commission have today publicly announced that they will now start considering age as one of the factors to considered when hiring teachers countrywide.While addressing the recent localisation program for teachers the commission has said that they will now give first priority to elderly teachers before they hire the younger teachers.

The ministry argued that there are teachers who are aged above 45 years but have not been absorbed into the government payroll while younger teachers who still have a lot of time to teach who were absorbed.In a move to try and absorb these teachers who are running out of time they have said that they will now consider age as a factor.

There had been earlier reports that there were aging teachers who had not been absorbed under teachers service commission which has now pushed the commission to consider health and age of teachers before employing them.They have also said that teachers with underlying health complications will be placed in areas that suits their health as they begin their mass transfer of teachers.

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