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Find out some of the banned places around the world that you can NEVER visit.

There are numerous places in the world that are restricted due to their past or what is in them. These places includes;

1. Poveglia In Italy.

It's famous in the world for its dark past. It was a confinement station for those infected by the bubonic plague. Many sick people were sent here and bodies of victims who had already died thrown here. Later in 1968 a psychiatric hospital was established on the island. Today it's forbidden to access the place by visitors.

2. Area SI in the United States.

It's the most famous forbidden place in the world. It's located about 200om from Las Vegas. It's a military base which since the 1980s has unleashed a large number of theories and myths about extraterrestrial presence and research. It's edges has cameras that monitor every possible angle nearby.

3. North sentinel island in India.

It is one of the fascinating places that is illegal to visit. It's an island of 72 km squared located in the India ocean. It's a home of the sentinelese tribe which was the last human group that has no contact with civilization.

4. Svalbard Norway Global seed vault.

It's designed to store seed samples from around the world to be used as an emergency resource in the event of a global catastrophe. It can store upto 4 million samples. It's a restricted place that can hardly be accessed since it was installed on a mountain.

5. Isla de da quemada Grander in Brazil.

This place he has the highest number of poisonous snakes around the world.

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