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Ksh 35 Billion SGR Scandal Affects Senior Govt Official As Land Deals Get Investigated

The SGR /Photo Courtesy

Kenya's Standard Gauge Railway splits opinions right down the middle. To some, it is precisely what the nation needed. To critics, it is a white elephant that continues to suck the nation's coffers dry.

The project is now coming under more scrutiny after it was reported that land payouts worth over Ksh 35 billion were done irregularly. The pieces of land between Mombasa and Nairobi were being purchased to facilitate the construction of the railway.

Former National Land Commission Chairperson Mohammed Swazuri has been summoned by a Parliamentary Commission to explain himself over the undertakings of the National Land Commission during the land acquisitions.

Mr Mohammed Swazuri /Photo Courtesy

Mr Swazuri is said to have instructed Kenya Railways to pay Ksh 12 billion to people affected by the SGR. this is in total contravention of the law which requires that the entity remit money to the NLC which shall conduct valuations before making payments.

The Public Accounts Committee learned that the some of the documents NLC used in an additional Ksh 23 billion compensation programme were not verified. The documents lacked signatures to verify their validity.

Some of the compensation was done without proper land searches to authenticate the real owners of the said land. The committee also came to the realization that in some areas, the railway was rerouted after the land had been paid for leading to loss of taxpayers' money.

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