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Just in: Muhoozi speaks out that his Twitter war with Kenyans has ended.

Muhoozi has just said that his war with Kenyans in the twitter platform has just come to an end. The general has further added that the battle which is the worst for Kenya will end in Thursday.

However, the son of Uganda's president Yoweri Museveni insisted that his army will always defeat Kenya if war accidentally arises between the two nations.

He added that his Twitter war with the society of Kenya will end today, Thursday 2nd of March 2023. According to the star, Muhoozi said, "let me say that in both love and war, we will always beat Kenyans.

"I think my Kenyan people have finally gotten some clarity and realised that their only alternative is surrender! No one can fight our fearsome Army!!! I am willing to accept their surrender!"

Kainerugaba had said before his announcement that the only thing Kenyans had remained with was to give in because no one can counter his army.

The first son of Uganda the said, "Three months ago, I made a 'joke' about taking over Nairobi in two weeks. Now any Tom, Dick or Harry immediately saw it for what it was...'a joke'. But unfortunately for some, it was not. Either way, the truth shall win! The East African Federation shall be realised."

The general had been threatening Kenya for over four months now and has never thought of stopping. Now Kenyans are wondering why he always threatens them without doing any actions to prove that his army is fearsome.

To add salt on a serious injured wound, the general again wrote on Monday that he would win any election in Kenya without any struggle or competition because people of the republic of Kenya passionately loved him.

According to the star, the general said that he still thinks of grabbing the city of Nairobi adding that the country and it's capital belong to him.

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