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Israel Is Undisputed When It Comes To Agriculture (PHOTOS)

Israel is a small country found in the middle East and in most cases when the country is mentioned, Jews,Christians and Muslims think of holy land. For sure it is,this is clearly seen in their high technological advancement that surprises the whole world. The country is simply home of genius and in fact statistics say that the literacy level in the country is about 91.75%. Moreover great percentage of USA properties belong to Israelites.

When it comes to agriculture, Israel is undisputed. The country is major exporter of fresh produce and world leader in agricultural technology. However the country emerges leader in agriculture despite its poor climatic conditions for agriculture. Therefore the country does agriculture based on desalinized water, hydroponic, polyhouse culture, subsurface drainage etc. Israel's produce are of high quality and popular all over the world. See some of the amazing pictures of Israel's agricultural produce.

What can you say about Israel's agricultural product's, aren't they beautiful? Drops your comment in the comment section below.

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