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Lucrative Salary Scale and Allowances of Nurses in Kenya

The salary scale of nurses in Kenya is a lucrative for they are some of the highest paid nurses moving into 2022. The salary of a intern nurses starts from 39,000 as basic salary plus allowances . The actual basic salary alone is Ksh 23,000 to Ksh 29,000 based on specialization but again it depends with where they work.

The basic salary of nurses who work at the UCU earn handsomely for one must be experienced to work in that sector. The basic salary of such senior nurses starts from. Ksh 140,000 before allowance which are many for they surpass the basic salary.

Some of the allowances paid to nurses include risk allowance, uniform allowance, house allowance, heath risk allowance as well the extraneous allowance that is Ksh 15,000. This therefore confirms that this profession is one that most people should consider for clearly it's one that can change one's life given the massive salary and allowances that come with it.

To be a nurse one has to acquire a diploma or degree from a recognized university or from the Kenya medical commission KMTC. This factors confirm of why this profession is one of the best hence really a step into the right direction for it inspires the persons who would want to work in this field.

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