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" I Want Tuju's Position In Cabinet " Malala Says New United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Secretary-General Cleophas Malala has hit the ground running, announcing a one-party dream to be used by

President William Ruto in his 2027 re-election bid. The immediate former Kakamega senator has set an August deadline for Kenya Kwanza Alliance affiliates to fold. He also expects to be co-opted into the Cabinet as was the case with former Jubilee Secretary-General Raphael Tuju. While he admits that the Cabinet is at the constitutionally accepted number of 22, Mr Malala cites the case of former Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) boss Mohamed Badi, who was allowed access to Cabinet even after the ceiling was reached. He defends his decision to resign from Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi’s Amani National Congress (ANC) and is confident that President Ruto is on the way to forming a strong ruling party that now targets more than 200 MPs in the National Assembly and 33 of the 47 governors. Mr Malala spoke to ONYANGO K’ONYANGO.

What is President Ruto’s vision of this one-party plan?

The President wants political stability in Kenya. You cannot meet the target of your development agenda when there is no political tranquillity.

Several parties forming a government can lead to internal competition. It would be very hard to govern the country with such contests.

It would be difficult for the President to make appointments that will help him fulfil whatever he promised Kenyans during the campaigns as he would have to constantly balance between parties.

This is why we want changes. When the President makes appointments, he needs to look at merit. He should pick people who can work. It should not be a question of rewarding political parties just because they are part of the coalition that is running the government.

We want to have one command centre. That will enable President Ruto to govern the country in a better way.

How do you plan to avoid the pitfalls Jubilee’s one-party dream faced?

This is a different scenario. Things have changed drastically. Whatever is happening is different from what you saw during the formation of Jubilee.

Jubilee failed because of the political characters who were running that agenda. They were not genuine and were only after advancing their egoistic interests. President Ruto is genuine and sincere.

After the August 9 presidential election, the President and Kenya Kwanza alliance have ensured that what was agreed on stands. The details in the agreement have been upheld.

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As said earlier, the political players in the Jubilee arrangement were not genuine. They were deceptive in their approach. They wanted to stab one another in the back. Our leader is different as he is committed to whatever promises he makes to the people of Kenya.

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