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Mungu Ni Mkubwa, The Two Men From 'Nitakufinya' Set To Get Two Motorcycles And Do An Unga Advert

Earlier today Jalango played a host to Matendechere and Musyoka. Incase you don’t know, these are the two guys who are synonymous with the ‘Nitakufinya tag’’. They have been trending since last month after their video started trending.

The video that was trending though isn’t one from yesterday, No! The interview was actually done ten years ago with K24 television. However Kenyans seem to have gotten the videojust recently and made it viral.

Musyoka in the video was talking to the interviewer about how most of the people in the slums had connected electricity illegally. That’s the point when Matendechere happened to be passing and stopped him while telling him to stop talking about electricity. He then went on to say ‘’Nitakufinya’’.

In the interview today , Matendechere revealed that he had a Kinyozi and a salon too.Musyoka revealed that he was a water supplier and helped people move around in Mkokotenis. Jalango then revealed that Jahazi flour had offered to buy two motorcycles, each for the two men. 

Another announcement was that Jahazi flour mills are set to do an advert with the two guys. In the advert, instead of talking about electricity, the two men are set to be talking about Ugali. Indeed God’s time is the best and when your time comes nobody can prevent your blessings! 

Below is the link to the Youtube conversation.

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