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Ways Men Show Their Love Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Just because a man doesn't express his feelings out loud doesn't imply he isn't in love. This is how you can view it.

He introduces you to his friends.

Or perhaps a member of your family. Alternatively, whoever is closest to him. It's a good sign that a man is serious about you when he begins to include you in significant aspects of his life. He wants others to share in the joy you provide him (and perhaps brag about you a little – in a nice manner, because he is glad to be with you).

He seeks your opinion.

If a man asks for your opinion on a decision he's attempting to make or a circumstance he's in, it implies he respects your opinion enough to listen to it and use it as a guiding light in his own life. If a man respects your opinions, he respects you.

He keeps in touch with you for no apparent reason.

Two people who genuinely enjoy each other's company don't require an excuse to converse. If he texts or calls you just to say hello, check in on how your day is going, or to wish you a good morning and goodnight, it's a strong indication that he thinks about you frequently and wants you to know it.

He pays attention to you.

One of the most common accusations leveled against men is that they are poor listeners. The small details count the most, whether we forget that it was your friend's birthday this weekend or which scented candle was your favorite at the store. A man who truly cares about you would listen carefully and try to take in as much information as possible. It's his way of expressing his appreciation for you and what you have to say.

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