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Top Five Vehicles Preferred by Miraa Drivers and Why

Thee Miraa industry is one of the biggest earners in the country with projections that reach about billions in just a single year.

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According to verifiable statistics, one vehicle carries miraa worth about Sh2.5 million, while a lorry carries produce worth Sh5 million Kenya shillings.

On any given day, there are about 50 vehicles that are carrying the product which is equivalent to about 150 million Kenya shillings on a daily basis.

On an annual basis, the Miraa industry is believed to be worth upto 40 billion Kenya Shillings to the Kenyan economy.

Miraa is a perishable product so every minute counts on the road and that is why a competent driver and a good car are needed.

Here are the top five vehicles used:

Toyota Probox

The Toyota Probox is a cheap vehicle and can reach maximum speeds of upto 240KM per hour and it is one of the most trusted vehicles by Miraa Drivers.

It's cargo capacity is also good and thereby meaning that a lot of Miraa can be transported daily.

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Toyota Succeed

The succeed is like the bigger brother to the probox and a lot of drivers really love this car for its agility and general handling.

The Toyota Succeed has a slightly bigger cargo compartment than the Probox and has a slightly powerful engine.

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Toyota Hilux

The Toyota Hilux is actually one of the most used vehicles since it does not break down easily or develop any mechanical problems.

It's cargo capacity is good and therefore, with a good driver, it can carry a lot of Miraa and reach the destination quite fast.

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Isuzu FSR

When a lot of Miraa needs to be transported by one vehicle, the Isuzu FSR truck is the one for thee job.

The vehicle is agile and can handle a lot of weight with maximum speeds as witnessed on the roads.

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There are the top four Vehicles Preferred by the businessmen and women in the Miraa industry.

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