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Murang'a Women Reportedly Worried About The Decreasing Number Of Men In The County

Women from Murang'a county are said to be worried about the decreasing number of men in that county.

Reports indicate that women are worried that there might be a marriage crisis in many families for the next generation since the number of men continues to lower.

Sources revealed that out of the ratio of 8,729 men, 400 of them are sentenced annually while at least 21 youthful men are lynched by members of the public.

This poses a worrying trend since many of the young men are expected to be working hard and feeding their families and instead they engage in activities that lead to death or jailed.

A woman who is also a leader said that the county may experience short of men and family crises since the men who should be performing their family duties are deep into alcohol and drugs.

She called upon the county government of Murang'a to intervene and educate young boys to rescue the future generation.

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