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Opinion: What Could Happen To The Earth When The Sun Finally Dies

All stars eventually die and the sun is no exception. A churning fusion engine fuels the sun, and it still has a lot of fuel left which is expected to last for about 5 billion years. Therefore, the event of the sun dying will not happen for the next five billion years. The sun is currently in its most stable state since the birth of the solar system 4.5 Billion years ago. When the hydrogen levels in the sun begin to fall it will slowly fall out of its stable state and die.

Absence of Hydrogen and presence of gravitational force will make the sun grow bigger and bigger and even cover the inner planets including the earth burning like a big red giant.

The sun will burn like the red big giant for about a billion years and later burst and tear its body to pieces and condense into a white dwarf. During the explosion the side that's facing the sun is the one likely to boil away as average temperatures will rise to about 15 times according to the scientists.

The sun's death will automatically mean the end of the world as no plant or animal life will likely survive the burst.

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