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Junet Mohamed Clears The Air After He Was Named As One Of The BBI Promotors

Building Bridges' initiative is a journey to accomplish Kenya's dreams since its independence. Kenya continues to build towards becoming a great nation. Though, there have been a lot of mixed feelings about it as some kenyans have fully embraced it while others are yet to warm up to it.

Today in the court, it was revealed that Junet Mohamed was one of the Promotors of the BBI. However, some kenyans and politicians were not buying this since they believe that it was president uhuru and hon Raila Odinga.

Junet has finally broken the silence and on his post he wrote, "As the BBI Promoter, together with my brother Hon. Dennis Waweru, I’m very confident in the representation of my legal team. #BBIAppeal"

Here are some of the comments:

Ngeche: mambo ya bbi achia watu wa bbi we ambia serikali ikulipie shule uko na ujinga

Katui: And why are you using the data, collected by Uhuru and Raila's taskforce?

Chibos: Because it's a public document. Same as the 2010 constitution used data from the bomas draft, CoE, PSC, wako draft report to come up with the Naivasha draft.

Kennedy: Lie you never hosted leaders at bomas when BBI was presented to Kenyans it was baba and UK.

Guchuhi: Where did you get the millions to bribe the MCAs ...Hahaha stop taking Kenyans for a ride... even if it sails through, the will of Kenyans will prevail.

Collins: Who told you that Kenya needs BBI???

We need equality and good governance. The current constitution has delegated opportunities to all Kenyans but some people think they're entitled more than others

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