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"My Ex-Husband Would Forcibly Sleep With Me Even When on My Periods" Lady Emotionally Narrates

Mary Ann Wairimu knows what it means to be in an extremely abusive marriage. 

From emotional abuse, verbal abuse and physical abuse.

Mary Ann says that her ex-husband would forcibly sleep with her even when she was in her periods and if she dared to refuse, he would beat her thoroughly and throw her outside during the night.

He would only give her money for food on condition that she sleeps with him.

With time, Mary decided to look for a job since she had already gotten pregnant with their second child. 

However, her husband dismissed the househelp she had hired and when she confronted him, he threw her down on a stone and burnt the gate pass to her workplace.

At the time, she was 8 months pregnant and when she went to hospital, doctors said the baby needed to be removed immediately.

Mary went upcountry to be operated from there.

Luckily, her baby survived but her husband never bothered to visit or send any money for 6 months.

Mary decided to go back to Mombasa but she was already done with the abusive marriage. She looked for a job and by the grace of God, she now earns a good salary and is able to raise her two kids comfortably.

Watch her story on Metha ya Kagoni here;

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