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Sure Tips That One Can Use in Solving Any Conflicts At Hand Amicably.

Every person if you live in the planet earth you have meet one or two conflicts if not a good number of them.Many times we find ourselves rubbing shoulders with people either, your fellow colleagues at your work place,stubborn kids at home,un-understanding relatives.Not only do we have physical conflicts but the most confronting one is that of the mind and our spirit.Finding ourselves fighting on the outside and yet filled with a lot of fear within us and a times feeling lost and overwhelmed.The first form of conflict that many of us face especially at our late teenage stage is that of an existential nature.Finding yourself asking these kinds of questions.Why was I born?Why am here?Since at the end of the day all us will die,Why do you live?What is the reason for working so hard?These we find asking ourselves particularly when confronted by very difficult things.Sadly,people who are unable to resolve this kind of crisis in themselves end up becoming stressed,depressed and may result into drugs.

It's for this reason we came up some the principals of conflict resolution that will help you solve them amicably.


This is confirmation that you are a human being.And with so ,you understand that were are born imperfect.Similarly,we are bound to make mistakes this is inevitable.Any time you find yourself disagree with any one,it is a strength to accept that you have made a mistake because you were either wrong.Remember never to take an offence to the heart.

Understand The Problem

Approach it with an open mind and a closed mouth.Be prepared to listen to what the other fellow is trying to tell you. Before you start dealing with any conflict,make sure that you understand when and how it started.Is it possible that I did something that I contributed to this problem?Where is it that I mat have contributed? In the words, do not assume that the other party is always necessarily wrong.


What is your biggest fear? Is it that you a fearing to fail.Is it that you fear of losing some one,something,

or it that fear that you may be replaced in your relationship.Her it's one thing that you need to understand;its that fear that causes most of us to continue swallow our vomit,fear is a more deceptive enemy than Satan himself,when you fear to fail,then you are likely to fail.The situation you are in doesn't actually kill but it's the fear of that situation you have has caused many peoples' dreams hit the rock of disappointment. Fear.Fear stops us from admitting our guilt.Not even our natural gifts,talents and the highest level of education can help us to overcome fear.When you find yourself fearful over lose your sense of reason.

Other's views and people opinions.

Shouting and screaming should be left to those who are weak.It's critical that you respect the views and the opinions of others.Remember,the best end of a conflict is when both of you feel like you have won. Pretending there is no conflict is common is as bad as the conflict itself.

Focus On The Future.

Appreciate who you are,focus on the positive and be grateful to God for that you which you are.Conflict is common. It happens in schools, at home in church ,in governments and everywhere.It is part of living in society as human beings.

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