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Bride Scampers Away Leaving the Groom in Disgrace

A 27-year-old lady has today left the congestion in confusion after doing the unthinkable. The bride had arrived to the church for her D-day hoping it will be a memorable day. She arrived in a Prado accompanied by her friends as well as parents.

The bridegroom had earlier on come in a Mercedes car. He went to one of the rooms in church ad he awaited for the bride. At around midday, the wedding was set to Officially kick off. Just a few minutes after her arrival, the bride over heard a conversation which prompted her to inquire about her hubby-to-be job. She did not believe her ears. The groom was not working with the re known oil company. Instead,he was a chief in one of the hotels. This did not sound well with the bride.

The bride took off to her heels heading towards her home. Some of the church ladies and bridegroom aides followed her in attempt to get her back. Unfortunately,they were unable to convince her to. She instead disappeared into thin air leaving the entire sea of humanity with their presents in utter bewilderment.

The wedding did not proceed since the bride went and changed into casual wear. The officiating priest called off the wedding as people retreated to munch to delicacy prepared.

According to East Africa Tv Plus , the groom accepted the fate and drove off from the venue.

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