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Zorah 12th July Written Updates Part 1

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Onto tomorrow's Zora part 1, Madiba is in her room stress does not believe Alma is no more. She came and took that picture of Fila she drew with her mother, wife now with an angel. Now Madiba is asking herself what this Kisi meant with this picture, but all nine ten we get to the road on your Kwame and Yola.

So he tells Yola whatever happened is an accident and please let no one know about this, Yola said yeah it was an accident but he knows Yiola too much and asked him are you sure you wont tell anyone? Yola said yeah I wont snitch you we are into this together and this secret I will with it forever. Kwame took Yola's hand and kissed him, and when Yola was told he started remembering when Zalena arrived and asked, does anyone know these words? Yola said no mum then Zalena told her if you want to be like Yola down here then open your mouth and one day you will also die like Alma. In short Yola told someone about this situation and he also forgets the world and we know Zalena says something, who is this Nare! Grow till you die.

Let's get to Zalena, Oliver has brought him water to drink and relax because he is pretending to be touched by Alma's death, now he is asking Oliver why me? Why are my daughters dying this fast, but before Oliver answered, Loreta came and told Zalena why are you asking? It's you because of your wickedness, those things you have done wrong is now pay back time, and still. Oliver told Loreta to calm down, but Loreta is crazy, he told Oliver that your wife is pretending to be concerned about the death of Alma as if she even cared about her while alive, ask him what is the reason he did to Alma while he was alive? Oliver had to keep quiet but Loreta also told Oliver I told you, my dad, our dad's blood will haund you till you die, now its your daughters in-law tomorrow maybe it's Kwame or Madiba then their kids then maybe it will come to me your sister And last you twos, unless you change your ways this is just the beginning, mistakes. Oliver didn't believe you.. n There is truth in it and it hurts so much.

Okay let us get to the office Naya and Madiba discussing, Naya tells Madiba, yesterday Alma killed it okay, she started complaining about migraine and I thought it was good to relieve her but I bet she was fine if she reached her home and took her car that is where I don't know. Now this is confusing Madiba, how can someone complain of migraine then agaion go drink and drive? Opps!! n Migraine is like labour pain, you feel headaches most of the cases especially to pregnancy above 5 or 6 months I guess. Its different from pre-labour pain, the normal one.

Now Madiba is trying to think that she sees this issue does not bring joy because Alma was not that drink and drive woman, she was ever careful with her pregnant but this thing she says she does not bring it completely to him, Madiba, all these are just conspiracy theorios, mistakes. Madiba has started opening her eyes now, say it has hurt.

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