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Kenya Power Takes Action After Field Employees Disconnected Client Due To Brother's Unpaid Bills

The Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) has taken action after a client's electricity was disconnected over his brother's power bills areas.

On Friday, January 28, Kenya Power declared that it had reconnected Richard Ngure's power after an uproar from Kenyans.Further, the power utility company expressed that it was taking a disciplinary action against the technicians involved in the matter.

Ngure's plight went public after he shared via social media that his electricity had been disconnected by Kenya Power technicians so he could constrain his brother to pay a Ksh133,000 pending bill.

On Tuesday, January 25, Ngure shared that Kenya Power's actions cost him 220 chicks in his brooder.

Ngure expressed that Kenya Power officials stormed his home and disconnected his electricity without earlier notice yet he didn't have any pending bills.

At the point when he asked why they had disconnected his electricity, Kenya Power employees attached to the Nyeri regional office allegedly let him know that they had taken the action to compel his brother to offset his outstanding debt.

"Yesterday during morning hours staff (Workers) from KPLC Nyeri came and disconnected my line. I asked them why disconnect yet I had no unpaid bill.

"They gave me a simple but annoying response: Your brother has a bill adding up to Ksh133,000. For him to pay the amount, we need to disconnect your line so you pressure him to pay the bill," Ngure narrated.He further informed Kenya Power that he had to visit their office in Nyeri to report the matter just to be met with a similar response at the customer service desk.

"Today I went to the customer care service desk (2:30pm) In Nyeri Town, Diana Plaza desk number 2. I presented my complaints to the staff who was a woman. Here is the response she gave me: This is the new law KPLC are using.

"I asked the lady whether it is fair for me to suffer or rather to lack the right because my brother has a bill and we don't share the same account! She didn't respond to the inquiry. For that reason, I have decided, to air my grievances on your page," he included his post on the Kenya Power Facebook page.

At the point when the issue was shared via social media, Kenyans from all walks of life demanded responses from Kenya Power, as they termed the actions as illegal.

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