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Dp Ruto's Ally, Wamuchomba Angrily Attacks Mt Kenya Tycoons Moments After Endorsing Raila

Kiambu Woman representative Gathoni wamuchomba has protested moments after the Mt Kenya foundation endorsed ODM chief Raila Odinga as their preferred presidential candidate. 

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According to the woman rep allied to the Deputy President William Ruto, the decision of the group of tycoons from Mt kenya to declare Raila as their Presidential candidate, doesn't represent views of people from the region. 

"Dear Mt kenya Foundation, you have finally declared it's Raila for President. Unfortunately you're Apolitical hence, you don't represent the views of the people of Mt Kenya region. So statements such as "our people" are inappropriate in commitments." she has said attacking the leaders forum the central region. 

Wamuchomba further attacking the tycoons, she has criticized them of not speaking for small trades in Githurai and Kahawa when they lost lives to demolishers. 

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"Did you speak when our people in Laikipia were sleeping in the cold and their animals stolen by rustlers? So you speak when brokering power." she has said further. 

Wamuchomba has said that Raila's presidency seems as a force to the people of the mountain region. 

"As for me a tinga presidency is a force down a throat of an already constipated belly." Wamuchomba has said. 

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