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'Sasa Huyu Atapata Kura Ngapi' Kenyans Reacts To ODM Prominent Leader Plan To Run For Presidential seat

Kenya is one the best countries in East Africa That embraces the total use of constitution, believe in democratic rights of Her citizens. As we all know constitutions and rights allows any kenyan to vie for any electoral seat so long as they qualify for it.

Recently Orange Democratic Movement party member and a second term serving Governor, declared his interest to run for presidency in the coming 2022 general election something that is slowly going division among the ODM members and supporter if not wisely looked into. Right now the luo council of elder are divided over the issue with a section of the council visiting the governor in his rural home in uriri Constituency to deliberate on this matter.

According to luo council of elders chairman Nyandiko Ongadi, the move by Governor Obados move to form another political party, will allow entry of more political parties in their region which they currently feel is dominated by ODM. But other members strongly opposed ongadi's move saying the community should support Raila Odinga.

But Kenyans in the social media Facebook page have questioned how Obado will manage to run for presidential seat with court cases and corruption allegations. With a big number asking the number of votes he will get if will be in the ballot. From our news desk we are he governor all the best in his political life.

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