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Men This Is How To Improve Your 'Power'

Over a couple of years as a man you will feel that power decreasing. This may be due to the things we intake like alcohol, meats and foods.

All of this may cause diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney stones. Especially the two beans which are responsible for giving you the vigor.

When this happens, we go for drugs that improve the functions but they can lead to overdependence.

Drink more water

Cleaning up the insides of the body is beneficial.


What is wrong with a few jumps, sit ups and body building. Make up a time table to follow up on what to do each day.


Clear the mind of any other non important issues. Let the blood flow freely. Sit in a lotus position after or before work. Trying yoga can work too.


Pressure points build up energy. Poking around with needles can release it making you fresh as new.

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