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Women Rebel In Afghanistan Stand Against Taliban Men Pointing Guns At Them

The instability in Afghanistan has raised eyebrows and it has been disappointing to know that the Air support of the Taliban Militia group is being provided by the neighboring country, Pakistan. The instability has been going on for weeks now with the last province being overtaken a few days ago. All is not well as hunger has started to spread in the country. The Taliban Men have claimed that what they are doing us best for the country, yet reports from women and children differ. The female gender has been at loss especially since it was declared illegal for any woman to take part in any economic or educational activity. The women were only required to be child bearing machines. In a video that surfaced recently, women and children were seen locked up in a car park basement with no food or water. This video led to protests across the country. Women stood up against men who were pointing guns at them. The courageous women were part of the Anti-Taliban group that sought to return Afghanistan back to stability.

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