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Mwalimu Sacco Releases October Advance Dividends Earlier Than Expected

Teachers who are members of the giant Sacco Mwalimu National can now smile all the way to the bank following the decision by the sacco to release October Advance Divindeds earlier than expected.

This morning, teachers subscribed to the sacco were surprised when they logged onto their account and found out that the dividends option icon had been added into the online services.

To be able to withdraw the amount, teachers can dial *633# then follow the option of advance.

The amount will be deducted from the annual dividends which they will be given at the end of 2022 February. The move taken is highly welcomed by the teachers as most of them are passing through hard economic times.

Last year, there was an outcry from teachers when they received less cash as expected. The Sacco alleged that it had accrued slot of debts due to the Spire Bank that was acquired.

Yesterday,the sacco also notified the members to update the dependants details before 30th of October.

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