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Julie Gichuru's Family is Mourning Over The Death Of A Loved One

Death is inevitable and no one is immortal we all know that but when it strikes it leaves everyone in a confusion of sombre mood and a lost of direction. The thought of never seeing a loved one ever again, is dreadful.

Julie Gichuru [Photo Courtesy]

Entrepreneur and Media personality Julie Gathoni Sumira Gichuru is mourning the death of a close relative of hers. The news that she posted on her Instagram, she shared a Pre-Corona picture they captured together with the deceased, while paying tributes to the late.

However Julie never disclosed the cause of the death of the relative through her post, but she seems so affected by the dead. Its currently a hard time for her and her family.

Pre-corona picture of Julie and Family [Photo Courtesy]

Friends, fans and the online family have joined her in mourning while sending their condolences.

Julie Gichuru's Instagram mourning post [Photo courtesy]

Please remember Julie Gichuru's family in your prayers.

[Photo Courtesy]

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