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Did Land Cruiser From Netherlands Arrive In Nairobi In 6 Days? Here Is Truth

Social media users were divided on whether it really took the drivers of a Land Cruiser bearing Dutch license plates six days to cross the ocean and reach the elevated section of the Nairobi Freeway.

Tuesday, February 21 saw the emergence of a social media post that would go on to become a global sensation by asserting that it took the adventurer six days to travel from Amsterdam to Nairobi.

The rooftop tent on the off-road vehicle provides a comfortable place for weary travelers to sleep. determined that the trip might be completed in 6 days if one traveled non-stop or with few interruptions due to traffic and other delays.

Since most of the routes are freeways, the typical speed is between 80 and 120 kilometers per hour.

According to Google's extensive travel guide, the fastest way to cover the 9,617-kilometer distance would take over 150 hours (6 days and 22 hours).

"This route has tolls, includes a ferry, crosses country borders and involves different time zones," read directions by Google Maps.

It would be necessary to go through Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt to reach the European country.

To get to Ethiopia from Kenya, a driver would first travel to Marsabit through the Nairobi - Meru Highway and then cross into the country via the Moyale border crossing.

The Adis Adama Expressway is needed to travel the approximately 2400 kilometers from Ethiopia to the Sudan - Egypt border. Around 40 hours would be needed to drive across.

If you want to get from Wadi Alfa in Sudan to Aswan in Egypt, you'll need to take a ferry, which would take around 30 hours.

After you get in port, hop off the boat and head south on the Al Sad Al Aali Highway to the Luxor Aswan Highway all the way to Hurghada, where you can catch a ferry to Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

Getting across to Jordan then requires taking yet another ship.

Next, you'll spend another 52 hours and 4,951 kilometers driving through Syria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Germany before entering the Netherlands.

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