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Support Healthy Arteries, Prevent Strokes and Heart Disease by Use of this Plant Regularly.

Purslane weed plant is commonly found world wide. It is a weed but has alot of Nutrients and health benefits to the body. It is salty, slightly sour and it is ebible. It is grown in harsh conditions like hot and dry places. It has alot of vitamins,minetmrals and antioxidants that helps the body organs to functio well.

Purslane plant is high on antioxidants and betacarotene that helps to reduce the free radicals that causes damage to the cells due to inflammations that may cause chronic diseases like heart disease, and cancer. This plant has anti inflammatory properties that prevents the body from Inflammations.

This plant supports the cardiovascular system since it is the only vegetable that is high in omega 3 fatty acids which is friendly to the heart. The omega 3 fatty acid helps to support the health arteries and can help prevent stroke,heart attacks and heart diseases.

Purslane can be eaten cooked or raw. The leaves,stems and the flowers are all eaten. You wash the well and cook them and add it to salads or add it to your vegetables.

Eat then regularly to help you maintain a healthy heart.

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