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A Boy Who Threatens to Kill His Mother Finally Kills his Grandmother

Police are detaining a boy by the name Sandiri Nyamu aged 23 years from Kinoo, kiambu county for stubbing his grandmother with a knife several time until she succumbed to death.

The boy is said to be under the influence of hard drugs and he made that decision after he earlier threatened to kill his mother before his grieverances took him to his 72 year old grand mother.

The police arrived earlier at the scene before the mob could act at the boy in the his hiding place. He was apprehended as the corpses of his grandmother lying outside was taken to the mortuary.

The villagers said that the police acted faster before everything went to a mess and had there views on the effects of drugs on there youths. They requested the authority to help them get rid of the those addicted to drugs and rehabilitate them as they are taught technical skills of survival. They added saying Kinoo youths have become a threat due to lack of jobs

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