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Just In: Blow To Kenya As European Union Bans Kenya's Second Largest Agricultural Export

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Kenya has faced a huge blow after European Union (EU) banned a set of products deemed to accelerate deforestation. Coffee which is Kenya second largest agricultural export was among the list of banned items that included; Palm oil, Cattle, Soy, coffee, cocoa, timber and rubber. European commission settled on this decision on Tuesday 6th, 2022 citing that the products are the greatest contributors to deforestation and the subsequent climate change.

According to them, the law will ensure the goods will no longer contribute to deforestation and forest degradation in Europe and elsewhere in the world. While the ban will affect new coffee farms in Kenya, the country will continue to export substantial amount of coffee to EU. European Commission announced that the countries that will automatically banned are those that are growing coffee in farms cultivated from 2020.

European Union is made of 27 countries and the bloc is the largest consumer of Kenyan grown coffee. According to you what can you say about European Union decision? Drop your comments in the comments section below.

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