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Why Cholesterol Is A Silent Killer

Cholesterol is a thick waxy substance that is usually produced in the liver. It is used by the body to manufacture cell membranes for different hormones and cells in the body.

However, too much cholesterol on the body is very dangerous to your overall health. If unchecked, high levels of cholesterol can clog up your arteries which interrupts the normal blood flow. This immediately increases the risks of getting a heart disease or stroke.

To avoid this, normalize getting your cholesterol levels checked regularly by a qualified doctor. In addition your diet has to change. Make sure that you take a balanced diet everytime. A balanced diet must include carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins in considerable quantities.

Lastly, make it your habit to do cardiovascular exercises and have a high daily intake of water and make sure to eat slot of fruits. Fruits not only supply your body with minerals and vitamins, but also boosts your overall immune system.

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