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Vehicles Should Avoid Meru Highway As Varsity Students Go On Rampage

Meru University students have gone on strike for the last few days over the abrupt Termination of their Vice chancellor's contract Prof. Romanus Odhiambo. Odhiambo's contract was set to expire in July this year. The University council made the decision stating that he has been underperforming in the institution. Prof. Romanus Odhiambo said that the termination was political and had nothing to do with poor performance. He said that under his leadership, the University population doubled.

And the students who were not impressed took to the streets to oppose the move. The Meru Highway which has been a busy road was full of teargas carnitas as police drag shoulders with the students. The passenger's time was delayed on the way as others got hurt. The rowdy students stoned several cars and most of them got arrested. The police are still battling the situation. The Administration station police officers who were sent to maintain peace were outshined forcing the GSU to take control. As the battle continues, the students have promised to take over control of several roads this morning and to stop several businesses. The traders near the University condemned the government for the act hence wanting Romanus Odhiambo to be the Vice-Chancellor.

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