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Malaria Patients To Test For Covid-19 In New Directive

Yesterday, Kenya celebrated World Malaria Day together with the rest of the world. The county has come with a new directive measure that all patients being treated for malaria should also be tested for Covid-19. This comes even though the counties are still grappling with inadequate testing kits and contact tracing paralysing.

In Trans Nzoia, malaria positivity rate stands at 21.99% which is against the rate of Covid-19 positivity, 13.4%.

A cumulative of 1,139 Covid-19 cases was recorded in the county by Friday evening which was very high since March last year when the Country reported the first covid-19 incident.

The graph pictures showing Covid 19 Time Series are as follows;

Joint pains, fever, loss of appetite, muscle pains and body weakness in general are some of the symptoms that the patients exhibit.

Clare Wanyama, the county health executive said that the symptoms of both diseases (malaria and covid-19) were overlapping, therefore high suspicion index should be there.

Clare Wanyama insisted that Malaria is a disease that is endemic in the region and due to increased positivity numbers among those being tested, covid-19 should be mandatory inorder to avoid spreading the virus at community level. She said that the county is using PRC (prevention, Retention and Contingency) and rapid antigen testing. But PRC machine is not functioning currently due to high number of performed tests and requires constant repair and maintenance.

Wanyama added that because of testing kits shortage, they are conducting target testing, although they wished to do massive tests Inorder to fight the covid-19 pandemic. However, malaria patients are often reluctant and shocked when directed to take covid-19 tests.

Several patients who were diagnosed with malaria were tested also for Covid-19 after experiencing fever, headache, fatigue and vomiting. Jane Nasimiyu and her grandson who is 3 years old were amongst the people diagnosed with malaria but we're also tested for covid-19. Though the results are not yet confirmed, their samples are still in Moi Teaching and referral hospital.

Malaria is deadly disease and when you feel you have it, it is also good to test for covid-19 since the symptoms are alike.

Content created and supplied by: Chindelu (via Opera News )

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