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"Trouble In Paradise" Amberay Boyfriend Rapudo Share Cryptic Message Suggesting Break Up

Trouble in paradise? Popular female celebrity and mother of two Amberay and her boyfriend might have broken up.

This is after the fiance Kennedy Rapudo shared a cryptic message suggesting saw. Rapudo shared an image with three different messages.

All combined read like this, "sometimes holding on does more damage than letting go". Fans quickly came to the conclusion that the couple were not in good terms.

As we all know Amberay and her previous relationships, it is not shocking news. People who follow her know she doesn't stay that much in a couple thing.

If it happens to be true and that they are no longer a pair, still they will be in conduct as she is pregnant for him. Below are some of the reactions Kenyans left on the story.

"Changing someone who's proud to be in the street is very hard", one person wrote.

"Men get serious at times, don't get married for fun. Marriage is a sacred affair and meant to last. Stop running into slayqueens unless you are one too", another claimed.

"And then she ends up claiming that all her exes were the problem. Whose the mess now? Amber streets bwanaaaa", last on the list.

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