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Divorce Affair

3 Roads to a Happy Marriage

Marriage is the union of two consenting adults for a definite period. Normally, a marriage should last a lifetime. However, many don't last. Some couples get tired along the way and opt for a divorce. It is always hurting but it is the only solution. These anomalies are what I seek to address. This article will lead to a happy marriage, the one everyone desire to have.How to know you're 'couple goals' - LoveMatters Africa

1. Religion

Religion is one major consideration during the marriage. Each religion has got customs and norms. If you may not adhere to the norms of your partner's religion then it is better to let her go, if they cannot transform by either abandoning the norms or changing their religion.

2. Age

Amerix is just right. The husband should be slightly older than the wife. This will make him demand respect and he will earn it without struggling. Ladies believe that an older person is in a better position to make a good decision. However, some unions between older women have gone well, but these are just exceptions.

3. Intellectual Capacity

The husband, ordinarily should either be at the same level or more learned than his wife. This is because ladies will not easily respect you if you are not as learned as them. The flippancy of women is not like that of men. Amerix is right.

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