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Dida Travel To Where Millah And Kaka Have Been Staying In Town (Sultana Series) Thursday 16th March

Dida and Millah together for the first time. They are in a vehicle going to town where Millah has been staying with Kaka. The two have left Kaka in the village after disappointing them over love issues. Their strong bond and friendship has been initiated by love matters. Dida was in a relationship with Kaka but later on Kaka shifted his attention to Millah after being influenced by Mwanzele and Babu. Kaka's decision to love Millah has been troubling Dida so much. Dida decided to come in the village to seek intervention and ask Kaka on his stand about their relationship matters. Kaka denied to speak up on whether he loves Dida or Millah.

At Buya's home they are still waiting for Dida. Buya is so worried about where her daughter is. Buya starts taking some wine and requests Maria to take him out on the sun.

Dida and Millah arrives in town where Millah lives. Dida asks Millah if the place is safe and Millah assures her no one will touch her vehicle. Dida asks Millah if they can be friends and Millah accepts. Millah says all this journey has made them to be friends. She says she was just hearing about Dida but now they are together as great friends. The two exchange their phone numbers and Dida tells Millah she can call her anytime she wants. Kaka must now be in trouble.

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