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Raila Sends A Powerful Message to Dp Ruto Hours After Choosing His Running Mate

Raila Odinga, the former Prime Minister and Azimio presidential contender, has sent a stern warning to Deputy President William Ruto just hours after deciding on his running mate. 

While speaking to his supporters in Kamukunji Grounds, the ODM leader promised that once the general elections in August are over, he will teach DP Ruto a life lesson.

He went on to say that DP Ruto was a footsoldier for the late President Daniel Moi, and that as a result, he will be sent home after the elections. 

"Huyo kijana mnaimba jina yake yeye alikuwa ni mtu wa mkono wa Nyayo alikuwa ni mtu wa mkono wa Nyayo alikuwa ni Nyayo tulimfundisha yeye ile mafunzo inashinda yale tulimfundisha Tunataka hiyo uchaguzi ikikwisha aende kabisa arudi kwao nyumbani kabisa tunataka hiyo uchaguzi ikikwisha aende ka Kijana ambaye hana adhabu, yeye ni kijana "Raila Odinga, the leader of the ODM party, stated.

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