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Step by Step Procedure on How to Use Plumbing Pipes to Construct a Good House

Plumbing pipes as a construction material is anew idea that has just pope up in the market. However, today I'll give you a step by step guide on what you need to do when constructing a house using plumbers pipes. The first step is to prepare the foundation trenches identifying the corners to install metal rods using concrete. Join the plumbing pipes using special glue to make a sheet like material. Insert the joined pipes into the trenches and close with soil except where there are metal rods and the corners. In the corners and the designated positions where the metal rods are, insert the pipes as shown below. The pipes with the metal rods can then be filled up with concrete to enhance its stability and strength. Remember also to leave spaces for windows and the doors at the designated positions.

After doing the walling using the pipes, its time now to do the roofing. Insert a metal rod in the pipes meant to be the king post and standards posts. Join the pipes with the corners as shown below. After laying all the roofing pipes serving as posts. Join the pipes just like we did when we were doing the walls. Cover the roof with the pipes and fill the gaps between the pipes with roofing glue to prevent them from leaking just as shown in the pictures below.

Prepare the doors and the windows using the pipes and fix the inner spaces using glasses. Install the already made doors and window at their specific points and positions. The next thing is to do the plastering of the floor. You can decide on any flooring technology best preferred by you including the tiles, epoxy flooring, wooden flooring technology among others. You can also use the same pipes to make the ceiling if you prefer to have one. However, the house will still look good without the ceiling. Do the wiring in your house fixing the switch boxes, sockets and bulb holders at the designated places and positions. There you will have your plumbing pipes house.

Content created and supplied by: Lazmusiko (via Opera News )


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