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What Was Written In The Paramilitary Rigalia Worn By Raila While Giving Directin To His Supporters

Former prime minister Raila Odinga wears paramilitary regalia while addressing his supporters at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Foundation.

Raila's outfit had tags on the chest which carries different messages.

On the right side, it is written 'Ishawezekan' which means that things are now going as expected. During campaigns, Raila's slogan was 'Inawezekana' meaning it will go as planned or rather as expected. This now means what Raila has been yawning to get has come to its fruition and he now orders his people to meet in Nairobi on the twentieth of this month.

On the left side, it is written, Baba. This is a name that has been given to him by his supporters to honor him as a leader. The father of all who follows him. He has been named Baba since the 2017 general election where he was sworn in at an unofficial event by Dr. Miguna.

What are your views concerning this regalia worn by Raila Odinga? Do you wish to have one?


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