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Mutahi Ngunyi Breaks His Silence On The Exposé That Linked Kenyatta's Family To Offshore Accounts

President Uhuru Kenyatta is trending, not only in Kenya but in the whole world at large.The Kenya's Head of State and his family were linked to offshore accounts in an exposé dubbed Pandora Papers done by a team of international journalists.

The exposé, which was prepared by a consortium of over 400 seasoned investigative journalists who took their time to sift through gigabytes of evidence revealed that notable figures in the world were investing their questionable money away from their countries.

Kenyatta's family in particular was said to have about Ksh 3 Billion in terms of assets that have been invested out of Kenya.The exposé sparked reactions from netizens globally.Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi was not left behind in the debate.

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Mutahi in a tweet, termed the report to be fishy and timing, he went ahead and blamed Journalist John Allan Namu for what had been made public about the Kenyatta's.It is important to note that Namu was part of the investigative team.

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