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"She Is Sad And Alone" Is It Over For Corazon Kwamboka And Frankie Just Gym It?

So Corazon posted a ' disturbing' statement on social media, prompting her admirers to wonder if the two are still together. Corazon And Frankie have unfollowed one other on Instagram, yet their images together are still visible.

This could be a way to use their relationship to gain clout because they have been ' irrelevant' recently. To be honest, it' s all a bit strange. One, this person was recently engaged. Frankie took Corazon on a trip where he proposed to her, and she had no choice but to accept. It is an established familiarity that after such a romantic event, the couple was now moving towards tying the knot, rumours of a possible break- up are so ironical.

Anyway, as if the engagement wasn' t enough, the couple recently announced that they are expecting their second child! When Taiyari turned a year older, there was a big party, with one is on its way, a happy ending was on the horizon. Heh, these two can' t get their hands off each other because they' re so in love. But that' s fine. We adore seeing it, we adore love, and we adore it even more when it involves our favorite celebs.

Corazon and Frankie recently traveled to Kisumu. By the way, , hawa huwa wanatoa pesa wapi? These superstars are continually on the go, yet most of us have to save for a full year before we can go to the coast in December.

But, back to Corazon and her boo, what could possibly have gone wrong? Why is this happening now? They seemed so happy together, and now they' re spouting break- up statements all over the place.

This bond was very important to everyone. Andy Kibe is one of them. Corazon and Frankie were recently chastised by this individual, who claimed that they were driving too quickly. He mentioned how they had a baby when they were still dating.

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