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Speaker Justin Muturi Hits Back At Junet Mohamed In A Heated Standoff In The National Assembly

Being the Speaker in the National Assembly is a heavy task. It is a job that needs a strong person to do because it entails a lot. Controlling that House full of tough members like Junet Mohamed is not a joke but Speaker Justin Muturi is actually doing a great job.

Today, a special meeting was called into action in order to discuss some of the important things affecting the country but when Speaker Justin Muturi brought up a matter to do with the Removal of a Member of the Media Council of Kenya, Junet Mohamed rose angrily to dispute him. Junet claimed that the House had other important businesses to talk about, something that forced Speaker Justin Muturi to hit back.

According to Justin Muturi in what seemed to be a heated standoff, Junet Mohamed was right about the special sitting but missed a point. He explained that even what he brought up was one of the business to be transacted before rubbishing Junet off and calling for others members to weigh in their remarks.

"I agree with Hon. Junet that this is a special sitting but fortunately in the gazette notice calling for a special sitting, this is one of the business to be transacted. Let me hear what members have to say." Said Justin Muturi.

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