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Kenyans React After Another Thief Using A Motor Cycle Is seen Online Snatching A Phone In Public.

People should be extremely careful when they are using their phones in public places. This is because of the alarming increasing rates of day robbers in towns and streets.

Nowadays Thieves have induced a new method whereby they are just roaming in public places looking for their unsuspecting Clients. These people will spot their target and approach someone using their phone as if they want to offer rides to customers. The riser of the motorcycle will then snatch the phone and speed up away very fast.

Below are photos of such incident that has happened on the streets that have left people still in shock.

See Kenyans Reactions below. Some Kenyans feel that these motorbike people have become too much and law of action needs to be taken against them. Other Kenyans have urged their fellow citizens to avoid using their phones in public as they do not know what awaits them.

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